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Vehicle Dynamics InternationalVehicle Dynamics International
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Gloves-off, to-the-point debate, discussion and disagreements!

A unique platform on which some of the biggest, most respected names in the industry will discuss the influence of the marketing department; satisfying the consumer motoring journalist but at the same time producing fun and safe dynamic attributes; best tuning techniques; the application of new technology. The gloves will be off, frank discussions will be held, and knowledge exchanged!

Key vehicle dynamicists who took part in 2014:

  • Dr.Ulrich Eichhorn, managing director, German Association of the Automotive Industry
  • Dr. Peter Schäfer, director chassis development, Porsche AG
  • Magnus Roland, founder and owner, SA2B
  • Damian Harty, senior staff engineer, CAE Group at Polaris Industries
  • John Heider, vehicle dynamics development, Cayman Dynamics
  • Tim Roebuck, function leader, Vehicle Dynamics, R&D, Lotus Engineering
  • Chris Regan, senior project manager, Honda Research & Development
  • Andy Kitson, vice director Chassis, SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre
  • Karsten Schebsdat, manager of Passenger Car Chassis Tuning
  • Jürgen Pützschler, senior engineer, Volkswagen Ag
  • Simon Newton, chief engineer - Driving Dynamics, Williams Advanced Engineering
  • Ruediger Hiemenz, engineering director, MANDO Corporation
  • Guy Mathot, head of Vehicle Dynamics Development, FORD C Cars & Focus
  • Dr Flavio Farroni, vehicle dynamics researcher at Naples University and technical consultant at Ferrari SpA
  • Dr Jorge de Jesús Lozoya-Santos, professor, Universidad de Monterrey
  • Jitendra Shah, senior research engineer, Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH
  • Shelav Jain, MSc, Delft University of Technology
  • Alexandre Català, Vehicle Dynamics, Corporate, Applus+ Idiada
  • Dushyant Wadivkar, team leader, Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Dr Joost Venrooij, project leader, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
  • Marco Fainello, senior engineer, Ferrari SpA & Diego Minen, Managing and Technical Director, Vi Grade
  • Maelle Dodu, advanced chassis engineering, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Dr.Claudio Ricci, engineering specialist, Fiat Group Automobiles
  • Mandar Hazare, doctoral research assistant, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR)
  • Alexander kruse, manager NVH Team, ZF Fridrichshafen